Monday, December 20, 2010

Scientist Discovered Hairy Fly..

Scientists has discovered the world's rarest and strangest fly in a cave in Kenya...
The spider like fly is described as strange, because of its relatively large size, the males of which can stretch over one cm long legs and covering of yellow hairs, reduced eyes and its nonfunctional wings."

Micheal Jackson Picture sell for 35,000$

A picture of Michael Jackson posing as an Egyptian sold for $35,000 approx..The portrait of the late " singer Micheal Jackson , dressed in a gold cape and with dark shaded eyes, was bought at the Paris auction.
A second portrait in which Jackson was with blue glitter around his left eye soared to 25,000 euros in less than 1 minute. A third picture showed the singer in a black shirt , standing against a screen of multicolored beads was sold for 22,000 euros. The fourth portrait, in which Micheal Jackson was standing in front of a red curtain,was sold in 9,000 euros.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Jamil Fakhri son's murder...

Jamil Fakhri , one of the best telivision artist has conformed his son Ayaz Fakhri death in US, Ayaz Fakhri was missing in US for last 2 years, Jamil Fakhri received a phone call from Pakistani embassy in United States, confirming the murder of his son after receiving his DNA report.He was murdered a few months before..
Fakhri said the New York police have confirmed that his son Ayaz was murdered and that the investigations are under way..
Jamil Fakhri was very much depressed as Ayaz was his eldest son..

World Record in swimming..

A 20 years old woman S Sugisha, from Kerala has set world record of swimming in water for 60 hours..She is air hostess in kollam..She had already done floating in water for 50 hours with a 10 minutes break every hour..

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Continous Cough is Dangerous..

Research has shown that that a persistent cough is a key symptom of lung cancer. To raise awareness of early symptoms of lung cancer as the season for flus and colds , people are urged to seek help if they find themselves unable to avoid a persistent cough, it could be a sign of lung cancer..
The key signs of lung cancer are
A cough that does not persists for more than three weeks.
Persistent chest infections.
Persistent and unexplained breathlessness.
Coughing up blood or blood in the phlegm.
Feeling tired or lacking in energy.
Unexplained weight loss.
Persistent pain in the chest or shoulder.
Unexplained swelling of the face or neck.