Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Truth Behind Pakistan Match Fixing Scandal...

=> If we see this picture, it clearly shows that pic of salman butt is cut and pasted over here...See the difference between left arm and right arm...Left arm is fine but right arm is straightly cut...as the arms are usually not like that or you can say human arms are not like that...
The top class Pakistani Cricketers are attacked by the European media. Captain of Pakistan Cricket Team ‘Salman Butt’, fast bowlers ‘Mohammad Aamer’ & ‘Mohammad Asif’ & wicket keeper ‘Kamran Akmal’
Salman Butt
As he was the captain of team and After the comment of Salman Butt on Ashes Series, the coach of England Cricket Team warned the captain of Salman Butt through media that this is not his business...
Mohammad Aamer They arePakistan young talented bowler ‘Mohammad Aamer’, whose performance is so good & cricket fan loves to talk about him, who recently got 6 wickets on the 2nd day of Lord’s test.
Mohammad Asif
Pakistan fast bowler Mohammad Asif also is the best bowler known all over the world...
Kamran Akmal
The Wicket Keeper of Pakistan Cricket Team Kamran Akmal is also good come and as he was quite fit & forced for Pakistan...

Ivabradine Heart pills...

A research shows that the pill for chest pains costing £10 a week could save the lives of thousands of heart failure patients .
Professor Martin Cowie,  said that the drug could prevent up to 10,000 deaths a year and described it as a significant breakthrough for patients who have heart desease.
The pill,  Ivabradine is also known under the brand name Procoralan...Ivabradine lowers the number of heart beats per minute without reducing blood pressure...

Monday, August 30, 2010

Facts About Sleep...

Some of the interseting facts about a good sleep and a healthier life is as follows..
1.Try to sleep eight hours a night..You can sleep more or less, you can vary the hours by examining yourself that if you feel fresh the whole day that sleep is enough for you..
2. If you wake up at night it means that you will be tired all the day..
3. You can makeup for lost sleep on weekends. Since medical professionals point to sleep as a primary contributing factor to many common diseases, it's not just important but crucial to sleep well...

For a quality sleep keep in mind the following things
1. Always try to use a quality sleeping matrice..
2. Create a relaxed sleeping environment. Your bedroom should be quiet and dark.
3. You should not be in stress while sleep because Stress is a real sleep killer. Look for ways to distress before going to sleep... Read good books or enjoy an herbal bath...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ghost World...

Hey guys welcome here...Here you get to know about the ghost stories...At first i was not the believer of ghost or anything like that, when my friend tell me their stories i just laugh at them BUT...when this all happens to me...i just realize the truth...I want to share that with you...

One day in my uni i was going to take my class from the ground..The class was very far away...
I saw a girl with same dressing as me and same haircut...she resembles me alot...she was going before me and i was after her...i was very excited to see her from front so i went after her...but she was walking with speed, i just keep on walking...she went to a place where there is no girl or any person over there...She went to a room...I also went to the room after her but there i saw nothing...Suddenly I started to hear the voices and the whispers. At first, I was certain I was losing my mind. But when objects in the room began to shift, changing from place to place by an unseen hand, I knew I wasn't mad. It was really happening and someone--something was causing it. Then I began to see shadows...The room locked...I shouted but there was no one over there...I started crying and then i fell on the floor...and i then i dont know how someone came over there and helped me...and take me to the hospital...If he didn't come i might not be here writing the story...:(

If you have something happened with you....You can share over here...

Cricket Match Fixing By Pakistani Players..

Pakistan cricket team were embroiled in match fixing on Sunday 28th August..As England police arrested a susspicious man and he admitted match fixing..He said that Salman Butt pakistan's captai, Kamran Akmal, Muhammad Asif and Muhammad Amir are doing match fixing with him... This is a very BAD NEWS for pakistani citizens:(

Friday, August 27, 2010

Food which prevent from Cancer..

There are many food items which have the properties to fight against cancer..Some of them are as follows...

Green Tea
Research have done and have shown that catechins in green tea decreasesthe growth of cancer cells...
Resesach shows that the sulpher present in the garlic protect against the cancer by neutralizing carcinogens..Specially the women should eat garlic twice a week so that it protects from breast cancer...
Resesrch have shown that beans contains protease inhibitors,it is the compounds that make it hard for cancer cells to effect adjacent tissue...It appears to reduce the risk of breast cancer by blocking the tumor-growing influence of estrogen...
Tomatoes are one of the richest sources of lycopene, a flavonoid proven to defend against cancers of the lung, cervix, mouth and prostate... 
It is proved in research that berries specially strawberry, blueberries and raspberries are good food from preventing the cells from cancer..
It contains a chemical capsaicin, which may neutralize  cancer causing substances called nitrosamines and  prevent cancers such as stomach cancer. 
It inhibits production of the  enzyme cyclo-oxygenase 2 (COX-2),which causes cancer..

Latest invention in Medicine..

The scientist have invented a device which heals the wound, with the help of that device they are able to spray skin cells on the wound, before spraing the doctors check the wound, its shape and size... this is an alternative to the skin transplant...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Food Items for your Brain..

As we all know it very well that the brain is the main part of the body, Brain takes fatty acids, vitamins and carbohydrate. The brain takes 20% carbohydrate supply, when brain gets enough sugar supplies it functions wel but when sugar levels become low it doesnot functions tremedously...The food you need are as follow

1. Eggs
Egg is rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals..Two antioxidant are found in egg yoke which are essential for bones and muscles...
2. Advocade
Advocades are important for brain as it increases the flow of blood and keeps the brain healthy...Add advocade in milk and drink that..Provides great energy..
3. Green Tea
Green tea is good for memory, it is good for relaxation and keep you mentally focused..It fights against alot of mental disorders..
4. Chocolate
Research has proved that chocolate is good for brain, it improves the blood vessels functions..It effects the mood and reduces stress of a person..It is helpful in enhansing brain function for people fighting fatigue, sleep deficiency and reduces effects of aging...
5. Garlic
Garlic is important for reducing cholistrol effect and it puts a positve effect on brain..
6. Tomatoes
Tomatoes are ideal food for brain, it helps protecting against damage to the cells and also protects brain for aging...
7. Olive Oil
Olive oil is best for brain, try to use olive oil because it is natural and it also reduces heart desease and fatty acids in brain provide flexibility to brain... 


Pakistani TV actor Bilal Khan passed away..

Bad news...Pakistani actor Bilal khan has passed away on 15th August in PIMS..As he was seriusly injured in a gas explosion in a guest room in islamabad..He was 75% injured..Bad Luck as on 15th August he has his birthday but his life ends before:( 

Welcome to the world of Day Dreaaaaming...

I am in the skies flying over thier n i meet stars, sun and moon...wow what a pleasent scene over their alooot of stars their with their smiling faces are welcoming me in their world...All around their is silence and cool weather...i also sit over their with them and i can watch the entire world...
Ooo m s0ry i m here...i went to my world, my own world:)
Guys this is Daydreaming i always go their when m tired and fed up of this universe and studies, so for passing my good time i usually go their..

DayDreaming started as a way to escape from some problem for a while when you are awake, This may includes thought about future or some past event or some fantacy, Inshort it is entirely your own world:)

If you have some stories related to you Daydreaming you are welcome to share with me..:)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back Pain..

Pain in the back is usually due to the muscles, nerves, bones and joints and is divided into uppes back pain, lower back pain,neck pain and tailbone pain..
Causes of Back Pain
1. Back pain can be due to the injury to the muscles, bones or disks, Injury can be by any reason e.g falling, carrying heavy object etc
2. Arthrities can also cause the injury in bone, In this case the bones the bones rub together with each other causing pain
3. Another reason is that sometimes the nerves is pressed by some bone.
4. Sometimes a person loss the bone mass that causes alot of pain.
5. It is also possible that sometimes the pain is due to some other infection in some other part of the body e.g due to the problem in kidney or it can also be because of cancer so take a proper treatment and consult doctor etc and in pregnancy the pain is also felt.

Its CURE is important firstly if the pain is not very svere do exercise this can reduce pain and also loosing your body weight can reduce pain in the body..But if the pain still exist than consult a doctor specially when the pain is svere and when it occurs when you sit down or sleep and pain moves to the legs..

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Face Reading..

Our face is the most reflective part, We can guess by luking at the face that what he is thinking about???Our face features tel alot about us

 They tell the energy and iq level of the body so by looking at eyes the doctors can tell about the sickness of a person..People who have eyes far apart are relaxed and tension free but the people with eyes having low gap between two eyes are focused..

In face reading the tip of nose are the sign of wealth, if big nose and sharp tip than the person has wealth..
The lips shows the relationship of that person with the others..A person with thin lips shows that he is very argumentative and a person with thick leaves shows that they are very poliete..

Face Shapes
Our facial shape also tells alot abot us..
Person with Round Face
A person with round face and fleshy face are wealthy and powerful..

People with Pointed Chins
These people are very strong and have physical courage....

People with Long Thin Face
These people are very ambitious but they like to live alone in their own world, they like day dreaming..

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Don't put Plastic Bottles in Fridge or Oven..

This is the news from JOHN HOPKINS that the plastic bottles should not be placed in the fridge and plastic utensils  should not be placed in oven..because that produce dioxin that causes cancer. He recomend to use glass bottles and utensils of glass, ceramic etc...So to avoid all the dangerous deseases..nd one more thing he said that to avoid plastic bags, always use paper bags..
Keep Healthy..:)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Treatment for Swine Flu..

First the question that arises is that what is swine flu?? The answer for this question is that is the virus which is most common among the pigs..People who are greater incontact with the pigs are effected more by this virus...

Symptoms For the Swine Flu
A person suffering from swine flu will suffer from high temprature..
Another symptom of this visus is that he is suffered from cough..
Some other symptoms includes sore throat, body ache, head ache and fatigue
Treatment for Flu
A person suffering from flu should be given antiviral drugs that make the temprature and cough better and they should be started as early as possible so that it can be cured.
The treatment should be continued for 15 to 20 days as prescribed by the physician, And another most important thing is that he shoud be given full rest in a clean and ventilated room, diet should be fully planned.. Physicians usually suggests that a swine flu patient should be given warm drinks..
I wish good health for all you people..:)

Care For your Teeth..

Beautiful white teeth make a person smile confidently but the teeth become discolour by age or by drinking wine, carbonated drinks, drugs also causes the yellow teeth, some food items should be higly prohibited forexample black coffee, vinegar, tomato sause etc.
Yellowishness of the teeth can be cured by the using good whitenig toothpaste, strips,gels and mouthwashes...Another way for whitening the teeth are teeth whitening procedure by the doctors and dentist, By this method the dull colour of teeth are converted to bright white colour..
Home Remedy
Some of the home remidies are as follows..
1. Rub bicarbonated soda on your teeth.
2. Soak your brush 5 minutes in lemon juice and salt, after that brush your teeth with that will be effective.
3. Rub the peel of orange on your teeth will also be good.

All these remidies will be effective and good for teeth..

Friday, August 13, 2010

Room Decoration..

A bedroom is the reflection of a personal feelings. While decorating a room you should consider following points..

1. Always try to choose smooth and light colours for the wall so that it give a soothing effect, paint one wall with your favourite stuble colour and make sure that the other wall colours complement that colour.
2. Furnish your bedroom with simple and elegant furniture includes a bed, side table, a dressing table and a chair, the bed should be simple as well and there should be space between bed, wall and furniture.
3. Hang some beautiful framed pictures, family photos, put some natural plants aside the room cox the fresh plants always add a feeling of newness to any room.
4. Put a rug at the front of your bed to add soften effect to the room.

5. Put curtains to the window, this will provide extra colour to the room or put blinds on window.

By taking into consider the above points you can have a beautiful decorated rooms..

Caring of Nails..

Nails are the important part of hands and increase the beauty of hands but some people don't pay proper attention on the nails and their nails growth become slower.

The first and the main important thing is that you should take proper diet, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and B is essential for nails.. Drink milk, take carrot, apricot,almond,spinach,egg and orange juice for better growth and full shiny nails..
Protect your nails from the sun as sun can easily damage the nails, go outside by putting gloves or sunblock on your hands but remember guys keep ur hands warm even in cold weather cox nails grow faster when you keep them warm..
An essential tip is that rub garlic clove on your nails, by doing this your nail will grow faster..

Hey guys hope these tips will be effective for you..If you want some more info...You can ask me...Cheers:)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Get Rid of Yellow Nails..

There are many reasons of yellow nails

1. Sometimes the dark nailpolishes when they are applied for a longer time can cause the yellowish stains on the nails..
2. Sometimes a lung desease called the YELLOW NAIL SYNDROM can cause the yellow color of the nails..

But they can be cured, on't apply dark nailpolish for a longer time period, remove it or change it approx after 1 week, and the cure for second option is also available..take proper medications and your discolouration will be resolve.
And if the yellowish color is because of nailpolish it will be grow out as the nail grows..

Caring For Hands and Feet..

Not only the care of  face is important but also the care for the feet and hands are important as hands are the most seen parts of our body and we can give a good impression if our feet and hands are neat and clean..The good approach for care is manicure and padicure.

A Manicure  is a procedure for cleaning of hands by washing or soaking hands,applying hand lotion  and shaping of the nails after filing and nail polish application. For home use you can use a scrup which you are using on face

A pedicure involves soaking the feet, applying lotion on them, filing, shaping of nails and  nail polish application. For foot care, a coarser body scrub is good.

 Hand and foot care means put a daily moisturizer at the minimumand use a  cream at bedtime.And last but not the least guys dont forget to use sunscreen...:)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Asian Skin Types..

You can't take care of your skin until and unless you are fully aware of your skin type..Following are the skin types u should be aware of:
1. Normal Skin
2.Dry Skin
3.Oily Skin
4.Combinational Skin

We will discuss in detail about the types of skin

1. Normal Skin
In this type you have smooth skin with no oily pathches, no uneven tone, in short you have a good texture guys..You have a clear and even tone..

Basic Care for Normal Skin
Try to cleanse your face twice a day and use a good moisturiser and also a good cleanser. during night use a night cream specially PONDS night cream is best and while going out in sun use SUNBLOCK spf15.

2. Dry Skin
Dry skin cannot retain moisture, it causes cracking. After washing with soap you feel really tight. Dry skin can be genetic, it can be due to drugs intake or the patients of diabeties can also have dry skin..

Basic Care for Dry Skin
Don't use tap water or hot water for face washing, try to use mineral water. Use a cleanser usually Ponds cleanser is excellent for dry skin, using soap can remove natural oils from skin which can cause more damage to the skin..Alovera is also good for dry skin, Use egg yoke, honey and few drops of olive oil as mask..This would be good for skin..

3. Oily Skin
Oily skin is shiny and can have open pores and acne on it, oily skin can also have black heads and white heads on it. The main causes for this type of skin is genetic, diet, humidity and hot weather, pregnancy etc but the greater advantage is that a person skin ages at a lower rate.

Basic Care for Oily Skin
Cleanse you skin twice or thrice  a day and always cleanse with hot water as it absorbs moistures. Do massage after 2 days so that extra oil are remove and use clay and mud mask which is good for this skin type..

Respect Parents..

Parents in all the societies and countries are respected but here in Pakistan they are given a speciall respect cox its promisd by God that if a person wants paradise after his death and also in his life he shoud respect his parents. Man should be kind to his mother and should obey her and should fullfil his need....

My mother she z a wonderful women, she loves us, cooks yummy yummy food for us, give us what we wants, that is a pakistani mother...She is a housewife and totally remains at home she has no concern with the outside world..Her children and her husband mnz our father is her whole life..
She spent all her lyf after marriage with us and give us full attention to be suucceefull in life...

N my DAD, he is of owsum personality, loves us, he is an engineer go outside but in the evening sit with us and talk with us...Inshort both are gorgeous...Just luv them..mmmuuuaahhh:)

Tell me about your parents..how are they??Do they love you???

Monday, August 9, 2010


On 14th August 1947 pakitan came into being by the great efforts by the people and our beloved leaders like Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Liaqat Ali. Independence of Pakistan was officially announced on Thursday, August 15, 1947 at 12:00 a.m.The day will be celebrated with flag raising and tribute to leaders and pakistan and lighting will be thier in all over the country..


On May 2010, the first awards were held for the bloggers in pakistan by CIO and google. The creiteria for judging the blogs was their visual appeal, SEO and ussability of the blogs. the first session of the event was on the topic Innovation in Media. Alot of people from different fields like from multinational companies formed a pannel for this session and they discussed about imporetance of social media as compared to the traditional media so the point decuded was that they are all forms of media.The second session includes people drom an advertisory agency and the topin was Selling 3.0.The discussion was made on the marketing, advertising and selling a product online. The third session includes all the professional people from newspaper and the topic was Engage and Converge  and they discussed to engage online the brands.
Naveen Naqvi
Yasir Niaz
Irfan Ahson
Rafaeel Akber
Tazeen Javed
Teeth Maestro
Sahrosh Waiz
Nabeel Zafar
Ahsan Butt

Sana Saleem
Fariha Akhtar
Abdullah Saeed
Jamal Ashiqain
Touseef Ikram

Tourist places in ISLAMABAD....

Islamabad is the capital of pakistan..It is situated 520 meters above sealevel..Islamabad is the city of beautiful and wide streets, large and beautiful houses, large buildings its a planned city, margalla hills are also situated in islamabad. The beautiful areas in islamabad are damn-e-koh, rose and jasemine garden which has beatiful flowers, Shakarparia hills, Rawal Lake, Shah Faisal Mosque, Fatima Jinnah Park.

It is situated on margallah hills, shows a beautifull view of the whole islamabad city. The place is ideal in the afternoon to enjoy.
Shah Faisal Mosque: 
This is beautiful mosque named after Shah Faisal of Saudi Arabia. It is widely spread with 88 meters minars.
Rose and Jasemene Garden:
As flowers are the sign of beauty so pakistan has a garden full of this beauty. Many types of rose and jasmien flowers are their in the garden. Specially in spring season it shows beautiful view.
Rawal Lake:
A beutifull lake are ideal for picnic and boating.The area around the lake has flowers there which shows more attraction of people over there .