Monday, August 9, 2010

Tourist places in ISLAMABAD....

Islamabad is the capital of pakistan..It is situated 520 meters above sealevel..Islamabad is the city of beautiful and wide streets, large and beautiful houses, large buildings its a planned city, margalla hills are also situated in islamabad. The beautiful areas in islamabad are damn-e-koh, rose and jasemine garden which has beatiful flowers, Shakarparia hills, Rawal Lake, Shah Faisal Mosque, Fatima Jinnah Park.

It is situated on margallah hills, shows a beautifull view of the whole islamabad city. The place is ideal in the afternoon to enjoy.
Shah Faisal Mosque: 
This is beautiful mosque named after Shah Faisal of Saudi Arabia. It is widely spread with 88 meters minars.
Rose and Jasemene Garden:
As flowers are the sign of beauty so pakistan has a garden full of this beauty. Many types of rose and jasmien flowers are their in the garden. Specially in spring season it shows beautiful view.
Rawal Lake:
A beutifull lake are ideal for picnic and boating.The area around the lake has flowers there which shows more attraction of people over there .



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