Friday, August 20, 2010

Care For your Teeth..

Beautiful white teeth make a person smile confidently but the teeth become discolour by age or by drinking wine, carbonated drinks, drugs also causes the yellow teeth, some food items should be higly prohibited forexample black coffee, vinegar, tomato sause etc.
Yellowishness of the teeth can be cured by the using good whitenig toothpaste, strips,gels and mouthwashes...Another way for whitening the teeth are teeth whitening procedure by the doctors and dentist, By this method the dull colour of teeth are converted to bright white colour..
Home Remedy
Some of the home remidies are as follows..
1. Rub bicarbonated soda on your teeth.
2. Soak your brush 5 minutes in lemon juice and salt, after that brush your teeth with that will be effective.
3. Rub the peel of orange on your teeth will also be good.

All these remidies will be effective and good for teeth..

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