Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Respect Parents..

Parents in all the societies and countries are respected but here in Pakistan they are given a speciall respect cox its promisd by God that if a person wants paradise after his death and also in his life he shoud respect his parents. Man should be kind to his mother and should obey her and should fullfil his need....

My mother she z a wonderful women, she loves us, cooks yummy yummy food for us, give us what we wants, that is a pakistani mother...She is a housewife and totally remains at home she has no concern with the outside world..Her children and her husband mnz our father is her whole life..
She spent all her lyf after marriage with us and give us full attention to be suucceefull in life...

N my DAD, he is of owsum personality, loves us, he is an engineer go outside but in the evening sit with us and talk with us...Inshort both are gorgeous...Just luv them..mmmuuuaahhh:)

Tell me about your are they??Do they love you???

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