Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back Pain..

Pain in the back is usually due to the muscles, nerves, bones and joints and is divided into uppes back pain, lower back pain,neck pain and tailbone pain..
Causes of Back Pain
1. Back pain can be due to the injury to the muscles, bones or disks, Injury can be by any reason e.g falling, carrying heavy object etc
2. Arthrities can also cause the injury in bone, In this case the bones the bones rub together with each other causing pain
3. Another reason is that sometimes the nerves is pressed by some bone.
4. Sometimes a person loss the bone mass that causes alot of pain.
5. It is also possible that sometimes the pain is due to some other infection in some other part of the body e.g due to the problem in kidney or it can also be because of cancer so take a proper treatment and consult doctor etc and in pregnancy the pain is also felt.

Its CURE is important firstly if the pain is not very svere do exercise this can reduce pain and also loosing your body weight can reduce pain in the body..But if the pain still exist than consult a doctor specially when the pain is svere and when it occurs when you sit down or sleep and pain moves to the legs..

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