Thursday, August 12, 2010

Caring For Hands and Feet..

Not only the care of  face is important but also the care for the feet and hands are important as hands are the most seen parts of our body and we can give a good impression if our feet and hands are neat and clean..The good approach for care is manicure and padicure.

A Manicure  is a procedure for cleaning of hands by washing or soaking hands,applying hand lotion  and shaping of the nails after filing and nail polish application. For home use you can use a scrup which you are using on face

A pedicure involves soaking the feet, applying lotion on them, filing, shaping of nails and  nail polish application. For foot care, a coarser body scrub is good.

 Hand and foot care means put a daily moisturizer at the minimumand use a  cream at bedtime.And last but not the least guys dont forget to use sunscreen...:)

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