Friday, December 30, 2011

Arifa Kareem suffered by cardiac desease..

Arifa Kareem, Now 16, the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional in the world  has suffered from cardiac attack, she has been admitted to CMH hospital but the doctors told her family that there is no hope for her survival, After the report heard by Shehbaz Shareef he offered economic support to the family but they refused to take the support..
She is the girl who met BillGates in her childhood and had awarded by many awards, she was also awarded by "Pride of Performance", medals from IT Professionals and was brand ambassador for PTCL in 2010.
Her father had requested everyone to pray for her health...
May ALLAH bless her with health and Give her a long life...!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Britney Spears going to marry..

Brittney Spears is now marrying his boyfriend with whomw she was dating since 2009, she was very excited. She tweeted to her follower on twitter
 "OMG. Last night Jason surprised me with the one gift I've been waiting for. Can't wait to show you! SO SO SO excited!!!! Xxo,"
This would be her 3rd marriage and she has been married twice before..!!!

Syed Noor suffered a Brain hemorhage..

Pakistani film dirctor Syed Noor who is cosidered the best directors in Pakistan had a brain hamorrhage in Pakistan and had shifted immediattely to the Sheikh Zaid Hospital..May Allah give him with good health..!!

Veena Malik gone missing in India...

Pakistani film actress and model who is now working in India has gone missing in Mumbai since Friday 16th December 2011.. According to the director of a film which she was shooting in Mumbai, she left the shoting on Friday morning and in the afternoon he recieved a SMS from her number in which she appologised of not concentrating on the shoot, after that , he tried her number but she was unreachable..

Friday, December 16, 2011

11 years old girl set world record in O-level..

11 years old girl Sitara Barooj Akbar from Chiniot has set world record in O-levels, by passing English, Maths and Science. Earlier she had passed Chemistry in nine years and Biology in 10 years of age. Furthermore she had obtained 7 bands in IELTS which is required to get admisssion in many colleges abroad...

Saturday, December 10, 2011

President Zardari Resignation...

It has been said by US magazine that their are chances that President of Pakistan Asif Zardari may resign due to its health problems..But the statements from the close people of Zardari said that he will come in two day but again the doctors in Dubai says that it may take 2 to 3 weeks for Asif Zardari to return back to Pakistan..
God knows what is going on all around here in our country, it is also said that he is all well and just because of Memo scandal and the US pressure he is doing all this strategy and has left Pakistan.

Veena Malik case in Islamabad High Court..

A petition was moved against Actoress Veena Malik that she should be punished under the article 124-A and 140 for carring tokens against a country's soldiers. This all case was heared in Islamabad High Court against Veena Malik as he has shot a naked photoshoot for an Indian magazine and has put ISI slogan on his body..
But this case was rejected by Islamabad High Court(IHC) as they said this all act was done in another country and she cannot be tried in Pakistan...

Shamsi Airbase Vacated..

Shamsi Airbase has been vacated by US as on the orders of Pakistan forces, this is all done coz of NATO attack by US  that killed atleast 28 Pakistani soldiers.According to Reports Cicil Aviation, Interior Minister and Mistry of defnce are all present at Shamsi air base and it has also said that airbase will be handed over to UAE.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Amir Khan had a baby boy..

Amir Khan has blessed with a baby boy, The baby was born by IVF treatement because of some medical problems, they were advised to do so and now he is the father of a cute baby boy..He had a son and a daughter from his previous wife whome he devorced and maried to Kiran Rao whom he met at the set of Lagaan. He said that he and Kiran Rao are very happy and they are thankful to all of their well wishers...:)