Sunday, July 15, 2012

Aisam-ul-Haq and Faha divorce.

Pakistan tennis star and his wife Faha had decided to end up their knot that was tied on 17th December 2011, According to Faha Akmal, Aisam is so much busy in his professional life that he is unable to give her proper time and they are unable to built a proper understanding among them
According to the sources Faha has sent seperation papers to Aisam from London and he has signed those papers..
But at the same time, According to Aisam's parents, the news of divorce is wrong

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fake American Quran Author exposed and arrested..

Anis Shorosh who is part of small evangilical group wrote a book titled "The true Furqan". That was because they wanted to convert muslims to their version of christianity.
True Furqan was written in Arabic and was translated in English, he admitted that he has done all this and wanted the muslims to turn into christianity and he describes it as "tool to evengalize muslims".
Anis Shorosh has been arrested and now he is in prison..!!

Tahira Wasti died..

A well known actress Tahira Wasti who was 68 years old, died on Sunday after protracted illness She was wife of famous actor/director Syed rizwan Wasti and was mother of Laila Wati...!!
May Allah Pak rest her soul in peace...Ameen..!!

Mazher Majeed working as cleaner in jail...

The master mind of spot fixing scandal Mazhar Majeed is in Ford open prison in West Sussex and is doing a cleaner job in that jail..He'll be their in jail for 2 years and 8 month...!!!
But people think that he could have given more harder punishment..

Boxing Star Amir Khan engaged...

British Pakistani boxing star Amir Khas is going to engage a 20 years old girl named Faryal Makhdoom, who is American Pakistani student.. As He gave her three diamond rings..Their engagement party would be at Bolton Wanderers where many of the personalities are coming in the ceremony.
Faryal's parents had already gifted them BMW 750Li as their engagement was announced..
Faryal will be going to England on friday where the engagement ceremony will be taking place..

Friday, March 2, 2012

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy brings first oscar award for Pakistan..

A famous film maker Sharmeen Obaid , won first Oscar award for her film" Saving Face". This was a documentry which will soon be aired on HBO on march 2012, this movie was filmed entirelly in Pakistan.
When Sharmeen was asked about the film she said

“We did have to struggle against a mindset that accepted such extreme forms of violence in Pakistan. The Seraiki Belt, a cotton growing in the province of Punjab, has some of the lowest levels of education and highest levels of poverty in Pakistan. Prevailing

mindset violence against women is acceptable and it is difficult to work with such people,”

President and Primeminister of Pakistan, congratulate her on this success. Primeminister said that he would pesent Chinoy with the highest civilian award...
Congrats to Chinoy on the beautiful success, You made people of Pakistan proud on this success..

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Whitney Houston dead at 48..

Whitney Housten who was a legend in pop music industry has found dead in Beverlly Hills. Her age was just 48.. Police has confirmed her death at 3:55 pm in Beverly Hilton hotel where all stars were gathered for an annual pre-Grammys dinner..It is being investigated and according to police she was found underwater in bath tub and was unconcious but they were not sure whether it is the cause of her death or not

Ali Zafar acchieves Bollywood award..

Ali Zafar who is the super star singer of Pakistan has worked in many movies in Bollywood, He was nominated in many awards but this "SuperStar of Tomorrow" is his first award for his movie "Mery Brother Ki Dulhan"

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Arifa Kareem Stamps issued..

Arifa Kareem the youngest MCP, died on 14th January at the age of 16.
Pakistan post pays him tribute by issuing post stamps of her name, the ceremony of issuing stamps was on her birthday. They have issued the stamps to pay her tribute on her work, at the ceremony her parents were also present...
May Allah bless her with Jannah...Ameen..!!!

Shahid Afridi as UN GoodWill Ambassador..

Shahid Afridi who is a talented allrounder and batsman in cricket has appointed as Good-Will ambassador by UN. They appointed his as ambassador by looking at his outstanding cricket..

Monday, January 16, 2012

Arifa Kareem Died..

Arifa Kareem who was the words youngest MCP(Microsoft Certified Professional) has died on 14th of January 2012. She was in CMH hospital for the last 26 days. She was in ICU as she was in coma. A day before she showed some signs of life but breathed her last on 26.
She has been laid to rest in her village in Faislabad. In Faislabad politicians, army officials and her class fellows attended her funeral prayer.. She was only 16 years old born on 2nd February, she was daughter of Lt. Colonel Amjad Kareem Randhawa..May her soul rest in peace...!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Bill Gates contact Arifa Kareem's father..

Bill Gates, chairman and founder of Microsoft has made a contact with Arifa Kareem father. According to the sources BillGates have telephoned him and had asked about the desease of youngest MCP Arifa Kareem and has offered him to make Arifa's treatment in U.S . But Pakistani doctors are saying that Arifa is on ventilator and it would be hard to shift her to any other hospital. The Pakistani doctors are also trying hard to save her life...May Allah bless her with good life...Ameen..!!

Ashweiya Rai and Abheshak Bachan planning vaccations in London..

Reports have been telling that actors Ash and Abhishak bachan are planning for a vacation after Ashweriya had given birth to a baby girl, it is their first time after that, that they will be seen together..It has been reported that after the naming ceremony of their baby "Beti B" which is expected on 15th of January 2012, they have planned to go to London on vacations but the question is that
Whether they'l take their daughter with them or not??