Friday, March 2, 2012

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy brings first oscar award for Pakistan..

A famous film maker Sharmeen Obaid , won first Oscar award for her film" Saving Face". This was a documentry which will soon be aired on HBO on march 2012, this movie was filmed entirelly in Pakistan.
When Sharmeen was asked about the film she said

“We did have to struggle against a mindset that accepted such extreme forms of violence in Pakistan. The Seraiki Belt, a cotton growing in the province of Punjab, has some of the lowest levels of education and highest levels of poverty in Pakistan. Prevailing

mindset violence against women is acceptable and it is difficult to work with such people,”

President and Primeminister of Pakistan, congratulate her on this success. Primeminister said that he would pesent Chinoy with the highest civilian award...
Congrats to Chinoy on the beautiful success, You made people of Pakistan proud on this success..

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