Monday, August 30, 2010

Facts About Sleep...

Some of the interseting facts about a good sleep and a healthier life is as follows..
1.Try to sleep eight hours a night..You can sleep more or less, you can vary the hours by examining yourself that if you feel fresh the whole day that sleep is enough for you..
2. If you wake up at night it means that you will be tired all the day..
3. You can makeup for lost sleep on weekends. Since medical professionals point to sleep as a primary contributing factor to many common diseases, it's not just important but crucial to sleep well...

For a quality sleep keep in mind the following things
1. Always try to use a quality sleeping matrice..
2. Create a relaxed sleeping environment. Your bedroom should be quiet and dark.
3. You should not be in stress while sleep because Stress is a real sleep killer. Look for ways to distress before going to sleep... Read good books or enjoy an herbal bath...

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