Friday, August 20, 2010

Treatment for Swine Flu..

First the question that arises is that what is swine flu?? The answer for this question is that is the virus which is most common among the pigs..People who are greater incontact with the pigs are effected more by this virus...

Symptoms For the Swine Flu
A person suffering from swine flu will suffer from high temprature..
Another symptom of this visus is that he is suffered from cough..
Some other symptoms includes sore throat, body ache, head ache and fatigue
Treatment for Flu
A person suffering from flu should be given antiviral drugs that make the temprature and cough better and they should be started as early as possible so that it can be cured.
The treatment should be continued for 15 to 20 days as prescribed by the physician, And another most important thing is that he shoud be given full rest in a clean and ventilated room, diet should be fully planned.. Physicians usually suggests that a swine flu patient should be given warm drinks..
I wish good health for all you people..:)

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