Thursday, August 26, 2010

Welcome to the world of Day Dreaaaaming...

I am in the skies flying over thier n i meet stars, sun and what a pleasent scene over their alooot of stars their with their smiling faces are welcoming me in their world...All around their is silence and cool weather...i also sit over their with them and i can watch the entire world...
Ooo m s0ry i m here...i went to my world, my own world:)
Guys this is Daydreaming i always go their when m tired and fed up of this universe and studies, so for passing my good time i usually go their..

DayDreaming started as a way to escape from some problem for a while when you are awake, This may includes thought about future or some past event or some fantacy, Inshort it is entirely your own world:)

If you have some stories related to you Daydreaming you are welcome to share with me..:)

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