Friday, August 13, 2010

Room Decoration..

A bedroom is the reflection of a personal feelings. While decorating a room you should consider following points..

1. Always try to choose smooth and light colours for the wall so that it give a soothing effect, paint one wall with your favourite stuble colour and make sure that the other wall colours complement that colour.
2. Furnish your bedroom with simple and elegant furniture includes a bed, side table, a dressing table and a chair, the bed should be simple as well and there should be space between bed, wall and furniture.
3. Hang some beautiful framed pictures, family photos, put some natural plants aside the room cox the fresh plants always add a feeling of newness to any room.
4. Put a rug at the front of your bed to add soften effect to the room.

5. Put curtains to the window, this will provide extra colour to the room or put blinds on window.

By taking into consider the above points you can have a beautiful decorated rooms..

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