Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Asian Skin Types..

You can't take care of your skin until and unless you are fully aware of your skin type..Following are the skin types u should be aware of:
1. Normal Skin
2.Dry Skin
3.Oily Skin
4.Combinational Skin

We will discuss in detail about the types of skin

1. Normal Skin
In this type you have smooth skin with no oily pathches, no uneven tone, in short you have a good texture guys..You have a clear and even tone..

Basic Care for Normal Skin
Try to cleanse your face twice a day and use a good moisturiser and also a good cleanser. during night use a night cream specially PONDS night cream is best and while going out in sun use SUNBLOCK spf15.

2. Dry Skin
Dry skin cannot retain moisture, it causes cracking. After washing with soap you feel really tight. Dry skin can be genetic, it can be due to drugs intake or the patients of diabeties can also have dry skin..

Basic Care for Dry Skin
Don't use tap water or hot water for face washing, try to use mineral water. Use a cleanser usually Ponds cleanser is excellent for dry skin, using soap can remove natural oils from skin which can cause more damage to the skin..Alovera is also good for dry skin, Use egg yoke, honey and few drops of olive oil as mask..This would be good for skin..

3. Oily Skin
Oily skin is shiny and can have open pores and acne on it, oily skin can also have black heads and white heads on it. The main causes for this type of skin is genetic, diet, humidity and hot weather, pregnancy etc but the greater advantage is that a person skin ages at a lower rate.

Basic Care for Oily Skin
Cleanse you skin twice or thrice  a day and always cleanse with hot water as it absorbs moistures. Do massage after 2 days so that extra oil are remove and use clay and mud mask which is good for this skin type..

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