Sunday, August 22, 2010

Face Reading..

Our face is the most reflective part, We can guess by luking at the face that what he is thinking about???Our face features tel alot about us

 They tell the energy and iq level of the body so by looking at eyes the doctors can tell about the sickness of a person..People who have eyes far apart are relaxed and tension free but the people with eyes having low gap between two eyes are focused..

In face reading the tip of nose are the sign of wealth, if big nose and sharp tip than the person has wealth..
The lips shows the relationship of that person with the others..A person with thin lips shows that he is very argumentative and a person with thick leaves shows that they are very poliete..

Face Shapes
Our facial shape also tells alot abot us..
Person with Round Face
A person with round face and fleshy face are wealthy and powerful..

People with Pointed Chins
These people are very strong and have physical courage....

People with Long Thin Face
These people are very ambitious but they like to live alone in their own world, they like day dreaming..

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