Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Reviews of Movies in 2010

Jhoota he Sahi is one of the latest movie that is composed by A R Rehman...Its a romantic comedy movie...Its casts are John Abraham as Sid, Raghu Ram as Umar,PakhiIts as Mishka...songs are:
1. Cry Cry
2.Hello Hello
3. Pam Para
4. Do Nishaniyan
5. I'v been waiting
6. Maiyya yashoda
7. Call me dil
8. Do Nishaniyan

I Hate Love Storys is another movie released in 2010..Its main Cast include Imran Khan and Soonam Kapoor,Samreen Soni... Jai (Imran Khan) who never believed in love...works as an assistant to filmmaker Veer
and simran joined as director and imran means jai was asked to assist her...Simron who was already engaged instead, proposed imran but he rejected and preffered to just being friends but then he realized and the story goes on...

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