Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama-bin-Ladin Killed...

The United States has killed Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden who was the world’s most wanted man , he was living in Pakistani compound Abbotabad near Kakul. He was killed in a millitary operation on Sunday. Osama-bin-Ladin was shot in head, his death was confirmed by Barrack Obama, Pakistan government and also by Al-Qaeda members..
After his death a security alert to all over the country in Pakistan and USA has been declared and people are asked to remain at their homes and not to go out in rushed area.
People in USA are very happy and the came outside the White 

House waving USA flags, cheering and chanting USA, USA..
Resources said that in Abbottabad Osama was living in a beautiful house spread over 10 canals and the house has 12 to 18 feet walls covered with barbed wire and also has two security gates. He was living in a house that was under the name Arshad and a fake ID card of Osama has found from the house.There was no cell phone or internet connection discovered from there.
America has offered Saudi Arabia to take the body of Osama but they have rejected to take his body so according to sources they have buried his body in sea.

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