Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dengue fever in Pakistan..

As dengue is associated with all the under-developed countries and developing countries and it has been spread all over the Pakistan.,  it is the disease that is caused by biting of mosquitoes and till now there is no specific medication for the dengue patients. In this disease blood platelets decreases in body
Symptoms of dengue:
The signs of dengue will appear after 3-4 days. The patient will feel cold, headache, pain in eyes, pain in joints, bleeding gums, temperature will rise upto 104 degree F, rashes can appear on the body. If these signs appears on you immediately go to your nearest hospital.
Don't go out in the morning and at evening, Always try to wear full sleeves and don't use antibiotics.
Drink apple juice, papaya juice to increase platelet count..

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